Monday, September 15, 2008

A day in Court!

Performed *myroutine and went to put petrol for my bike as i had forgotten yesterday. I went to court today and I felt really uncomfortable for some reason mainly because of the fact that I was facing everything for doing nothing wrong and the thought of life being cruel sometime just made me feel bad.

I took it positively and even though it has been really troublesome, an invaluable experience I had gained through this and to come out of this successfully made me feel really proud of myself because not many would be able to handle it all alone. The count of me coming through a tough time in life just got increased by one and definably it had made be stronger and bolder to face any situations that is to come.

Then I went to play cricket as usual with my college mates. We had 2 games of individual cricket. I won the first match by 2 runs :P. When i get the TCS call I will definitely be missing the evening sessions I've been having for the past 2 months.

Thats about it for today. :)

For all those who are wondering why I'm being made to go to the court, please click on here

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Anita said...

i did not understand the cruel experience that you have mentioned in the post today.Please explain