Saturday, September 20, 2008

The beginning of the end!!

The day began with a bang when i suddenly woke up realising that whatever that happened was just a dream. Let me not elaborate on that dream because i just dont feel like doing it now here. Then i did *myroutine and then called up the station inspector to ask whether my case was up on court and what time i had to come to the court.

That idiot gave one dumb reason and told i need not appear in court so what i did was to go and spend my evening playing cricket. The weather was awesome , cloudy and windy but there was no rain, perfect weather for evening of cricket.

My mood was in a way such that i wanted to attack all the balls. It is very unlike me because usually ill defend 2 or 3 balls, judging the pitch of the ball and the bowler before going for my shots. But today i wanted to attack from the first ball. It worked well as i was able to make the bat and ball meet to perfection but unfortunately i didnt last long.

The our usualy gang we played the "2 wicket" cricket match where i was paired with the great vishwanath and the first match we made a competitive total of 14 in 2 overs and managed to draw with the team comprising of laxman and water and beating ganesh prabu and ajay.

The final match was kinda dull as bad light appeared and we were just playing for formality sake and as expected lost that match comprehensively.

After that i had a long ride back home in the heavy traffic and now while writing this post i forgot that ive to put petrol for my bike!!!

Thats about for the day, nothing interesting but most importantly ive grown by a day today :)

*myroutine - brushing, washing up, coffee, newspaper

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