Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The honeymoon period!!

Ever since college got over, many of them are under the impression that I have been idle but I have done plenty of things in this period, more than what I did while I was in college. It had positive effect both financially as well as entertainment.

I have been playing almost everyday since college got over. It has been really jolly times with all my mates in the famous SCG, a ground where we play cricket and football. During the early days after college, we had around 20 of us turning up to play. We divided ourselves into two teams and usually start off with a game of cricket followed by football.

It's not just about sports because our gossip sessions after that equally matched the entertainment level of the games we played. Those gossips combined with cracking of jokes will just make anyone's day.

Then it was the part time which I did for Renault. That was again fun as it gave me the opportunity to interact with lots of people and gave me the chance to learn lots of new things and at the same time earn! Once that got over, we had some dinner outings and beach outings. These are some moments which I will always cherish in my life. What more one could as for? This has really been a honey moon period for me. ;)

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