Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When we are spoilt for choices!

I've always had this interesting thought on what will happen when you are actually spoilt for choices. I mean when u have two options which are equally good and from that you have to make one choice. It will be a situation where in you will feel like having both but then u have to forgo one and take one.

Say for instance,

Asin or Shreya?

Sachin or Dhoni?

Katrina or Bipasha?

Arxman or Lagaar? (Only for people who know about this)

Laxman or Arjun(Water)?

Evening cricket in SCG or Evening at Bessy?

You will be put in a situation where you wish you can have both. What will and shall be done when you're in those situations?

In my real life I can think of one situation where I had to make a tough choice from two options. At one point of my life I was forced to choose between football or studies. When I was representing for my club in juniour team I had this chance of getting through to the seniour side which means I should give up my studies and take football as my carrier. That was really a tough choice for me to make because eventhough I wanted badly to become a football player,I didnt want to quit studies at such an early part of my life. In the end I had to give up football and took the other option and because of that now I'm here writing this post. :D

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