Monday, October 20, 2008

The Goulish Trial!

During my time in singapore i've done many crazy stuffs. One of my craziest or rather adventurous thing ive ever done in my life is my visit to Old Changi Hospital. Built in 1930's it’s a very famous hospital in Singapore and its well known for many infamous activities up till now. This hospital was alive during the world war two(Japanese occupation of Singapore), and during those times it was used as an army hospital to give treatment for the Japanese soldiers. Very soon after the world war it got isolated and left vacant there since then.

It is located in a small hill and many from the paranomial society have published stories about the building being haunted. The Hospital itself had 70+ years of rich history when it survived from the dreadful World War Two that took place from 1942 to 1945, witnessing the fall of Singapore and the brutal tortures towards the prisoners of war that happened there. Therefore, seeing spirits of all races and of different nationals wandering around in the compound would be a common sight.

Myself and three other friends of mine decided to go on an adventure to this hospital. It was on a weekday, and the time was around one at night. I had brought my car and I was driving with one friend in the front seat and two of them seated behind. We had actually heard about being haunted and stuffs but none of us believed in it. So that day we had decided to go and check it out ourselves.

The hill road that leads to that hospital was really dark. There was this eerie feeling while driving up the hill itself but all of us were pretending to be cool, at least myself coz ive never ever experienced this kind of outing ever in my life. There were no lights so it was really dark with only my car head lights. Finally when we reached the top, and was just about some distance away from the hospital entrance I stopped my car.

At that point we were like actually thinking whether to proceed or to back off. My friend seated in front with me was just flickering with the head lights suddenly from the first floor ward window we saw a shadow like human coming towards us, taking small steps, walking like a robot. None of us could actually believe whether what we are seeing is true but it was happening.

I immediately reversed my car and went off to the beach nearby and there we started talking leisurely but still none of us could believe whatever we saw. If it had been a normal human what would he being doing all alone at that time in that place and y would he approach us in that way. There are police cases of drug addicts at that place but whatever we saw didn’t seem like one. We were so sure because whatever we saw was not a solid human, it was just a shadow!

My next post ill elaborate on my adventure trip to the same place with one of my friend who is a girl (not girlfriend!). We both actually went inside the hospital to each and every corner. That will be real interesting though nothing fishy was seen during that time!!

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