Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Snake and Snakes theory

A snake is said to be one of the first reptiles on planet Earth. Though snakes are generally thought to be poisonous, dangerous and basically a threat to other living things, some of them are non-poisonous. Poisonous snakes use their fangs in its mouth to either kill or immobilize its prey.

There are poisonous snakes in every family of snakes. Poisonous snakes are classified into four families, the Elapids, Viperids, Colubrids and Hydrophiidae. These are very basic details but let me not get too detailed into it.

The thought of snakes usually brings fear to human mind. But there is an exception because there is one snake which I personally know, that/who bites harder than any other snake but “it’s” not poisonous and that snake is none other than


We first met at one of my friends house. She seemed very homely and shy type. She was so shy or maybe was scared to even come to the room we(me and few more of my friends) were at and talk at that time. But slowly as time went she started to show her real self and then I came to know she’s one of the worst rowdy!!

Shes very popular among her friends especially guys. Her best friend is a dog actually (patti). I've always wondered how a snake and a dog can get along. She loves pepsi a lot so if anyone wants to take her out please do have a 2l bottle Pepsi in hand. For more details of this reptile do visit “its” orkut profile.

And finally, a public call for all zoo keepers to catch hold of this reptile before it gets dangerous. :D

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