Friday, October 10, 2008

Joyful Singapore!!

Going for a holiday is something that not just me, but I’m pretty sure, it is something everybody looks forward to. Whether its summer or winter, whenever there is time to squeeze in for holidays ill be up for it. It’s been ever so long since I’ve had a proper holiday tour so through this post I would like to re-live some of the most cherished moments in my life.


My first ever overseas tour was to Singapore. It was back in 1994 when I went there with my family. At that time I was really young and so I wasn’t as excited as I am at present and some while ago, probably because I didn’t know anything at that time and was so dependent on my parents.

It was just a month long tour during my summer holidays. My father had actually combined it with an official tour. Soon after we came back he had an offer to work there actually. So that’s when we had actually shifted there. My entire secondary education I did it there. So Singapore was no longer a holiday destination instead it became the place I had to grow up. In one of my previous post I had actually stated that one of my key strengths is to adapt to changes. This was my first change back in 1994.

It took time for me to settle but once I was actually settled it was the time of my life. The environment there was simply stunning and the places there were dead clean. The roads were all so smooth without any humps, very unlike to the roads in Chennai and slowly I started enjoying all these.

Now, sticking on to the holiday mood let me just quickly brief through some of the must visit places in Singapore.

  • Sentosa

Singapore as such is not a very big country. It is basically a small island in the South East Asia. If there is one place in Singapore that you have to visit then it is Sentosa. It is actually the most visited tourist spot in Singapore. There are basically three modes of transport through which you can get there. It is either through land, sea or air. Land obviously through bus or taxi or any vehicle and sea is through a ferry from world trade centre and finally by

air and no its not aeroplane but a cable car:D.

Some of the entertainment activities in this place are :

Underwater World – Asia's largest tropical oceanarium

In this place you’ll actually be made to stand on a moving escalator and while it moves u can actually experience the life under water

War memorial park – the view of the attacks made by Japanese soldiers on the British through sea.

Golf course

Silosa beach – this beach is simply too good. You have to be there to experience it. There won’t be any waves but the view, the sand, the water rides are too good to be missed if you’re there.

Musical Fountain – It a fountain where in music will be played and the fountain actually makes moves according to it. Laser flashes will make it more catchy especially after sunset.

There are plenty other place in Sentosa and the time just passes like anything when you’re at this place. You will need one full day to spend for all the activities that’s in there.

  • City

The whole city is known for its tall buildings, sky scrapers etc. The entire sight of the buildings from all angles is breathtaking. I’m sure having first hand experience will be one of the most precious moments in life to be had. I had this opportunity to go up this OUB Building which is of 105 floors. I went up to the 100th floor and the view was awesome. Those were some of my most treasured experiences which I will never ever forget in my life.

There is this theatre called Esplanade. It was built taking a shape of durian (fruit). It’s situated along the Singapore River and a nice place to spend the evening. There are plenty of theatres in it, shopping mall and restaurants. It’s a very romantic place at night. Your girlfriend will love it if you bring her out there especially in the night: P

  • Night Life

I’ve already written posts about some of my adventures in Singapore. All of those have been at nights. Unlike in India, it is really safe to roam around spending the night out in Singapore. Girls roaming around the clubs late at night is a common sight. They’ll be safe provided they themselves don’t get in any sort of troubles. Chijmes(picture) is one of the famous night clubs in Singapore. There are several others such as China Black, Hard rock Café, Asoka (for Indians but all are allowed) and many more.

  • Changi Airport

This airport is ranked number 1 in the world. You can actually spend the whole day in the airport as this place is very good for entertainment. You have gaming room actually placed to keep the transit passengers entertained while waiting but is open for all. Then you have the various fast food outlets like McDonald, Burger King, and Pizza Hut etc. You can also find some Indian restaurants in there. There are 3 terminals each of which are very huge and words just can’t explain about this place so you have to be there and feel it. First picture shows an aerial view of Singapore's Changi Airport, several times voted as the world's best airport. On two of the gates are Boeing 777's of Singapore airlines.

I can actually go on writing about this is place as it is where I was brought up and I’ve spent majority of my life here. Without any bias I’m suggesting it as a must visit place for everyone.

In my following posts ill write about the other places to where I’ve gone for holidays which either will be equally good or better ;)

Other interesting places:

  • Singapore Zoo
  • Night Safari
  • Bird Park
  • Discovery Island
  • Fantasy Island
  • East Coast Beach
  • Changi Beach
  • Orchard Road
  • Big Splash

Upcoming Events:

  • Formula 1 Night Street Race

PS:Ill happily be anyone's tour guide provided I'm sponsored the air tickets but fun assured :P ;)

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