Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back to Chepauk Madness!

The last time I was at the stadium watching cricket match was during the IPL. That was ultimate fun one could never even imagine of. The dance, the beat, the mexican wave, shouting and yelling, babe watching. Babe watching? Yes these days you need not go to beach or shopping malls to watch babes, you can find hell a lot even in the stadium. They come there to watch the likes of Dhoni and co. but we go there to watch cricket and of course these gift of god. :P

Now getting back to the topic, the primary reason for me along with my mates to go there is to have total fun forgetting all the tensions we go through at home or colleges or even work. Now that the Test series between England and India is about to begin I am getting ready to mask my face, paint all around, and enjoy 5 days of action filled events. From my past experiences you actually get a lot more than just the cricket. Whether I get that, time will tell. :)

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