Friday, December 19, 2008

Be Safe than Sorry!

Last night I had a bad dream about me facing death. I have always valued my family more than anyone else. My wife, children, parents all played a crucial role on all my achievements this far and it would not be fair on my part to just leave them when that dream becomes a reality.

It is not that I don't care about them now, I have always shown my care and concern on all matters to each and every member of my family. But it is when I am not around that I am really concerned now. Whether they would be able to or not able to survive is another issue. For my satisfaction I realized the need to do something for my family even after any potential negative happenings.

I came to know of NAA Life’s mortgage insurance and several other plans which I felt would do justice to my family in any worst cases. I felt it is just not about a piece of paper but rather a sense of satisfaction and an investment in piece of mind. Their plan included the likes of burial insurance, life insurance, mortgage protection insurance, etc. Each plan has a detailed listing which I went through thoroughly and it gave me the satisfaction that my family would be protected even in the case of my death.

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