Sunday, December 21, 2008

Community for Entertainment!

I am personally aware of many social networking websites these days. Websites like Orkut, Friendster, Hi5, Facebook have all been pretty useful in building our social network. I just noticed another website called as the acobay, which is not really for sharing pictures, exchanging messages etc. but rather to help people who own or use same products, or visited the same places to network each other.

I just felt it is something very different and interesting as we learn lot of things of other people, their day-to-day activities and many such exchanges to keep our day filled with entertainment.

The procedure is very simple as you just have to register with them without even having to give your e-mail, put down something that you have like car, phone or camera and comment on what you would like to share which will connect you to people who have chosen the same stuffs. You may even add some stuffs to your wish list.

This actually helps you in gathering ideas, different thoughts, perspectives and plenty of information on something that you want to know. This is the unique feature of this website which I thought was really good. It is very simple yet very entertaining, so try it out!

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